Chris Garlick

Director | Licensed Estate Agent | Auctioneer

About Chris

Chris, our founding Director and Partner of Priority1 Real Estate.

Chris holds many skills across a range of industries, having begun his career as a qualified arborist before venturing into real estate and gaining his qualification as a Licensed Estate Agent and Qualified Auctioneer.

When asked what Chris’ driving force in real estate is:

“Meeting so many different people and supporting them in realising their Real estate requirements whether it be wealth generation, getting established in the market or moving on in their lives but needing to achieve the best price possible.”

Chris enjoys liaising with a diverse range of properties, some days seeing him selling the smallest block of land, to the next finalising negotiations on high profile Residential and Commercial Properties. However, with Chris’ humble nature, he approaches all his interactions with the same level of professionalism:

“From the sale of a $10k rural block to a multi-million dollar property, I commit the same enthusiasm and ethic to each of my vendors.”

When asked about Chris’ life passion, he puts it simply: “Life in general and living it to the best of my ability. Seizing opportunities and most of all being happy.”

Contact Chris today to have a down to earth and friendly conversation about all things real estate purchasing and selling.

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