Hayley Morcom

Hayley Morcom

Media & Marketing Manager

About Hayley

Described as positive and optimistic in nature, Hayley brings a wealth of knowledge in her field in media and marketing.

With over 12 years working in a variety of roles across print and radio journalism, media advertising and property copywriting, you’ll see most of Hayley’s work through an engaging video on social media, a strategically crafted flyer or poster, and all the creative wording for all our property listings… she’s a real wordsmith!

Originally from Heathcote, Hayley calls Bendigo home and when asked what she most enjoys about her community: “I love country living! I have spent many years moving around Victoria and even city living, but nothing beats the quiet, serenity and slower pace of life than living regionally!”

Hayley also lives and breathes all things health and wellness. In her downtime you’ll find her moving her body in some way by going for a run, completing a fitness class or running around after her daughter and cheeky little cavoodle dog.

Be sure to say hello to Hayley through Facebook or Instagram next time you see a post pop up!

Fun Facts:
My favourite movie is: The Holiday
My favourite music is: I am open to most and all kinds of music! I base a good song on how it leaves me feeling.
My favourite quote is: “All is well” and “this too shall pass”